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LUSOPAY has developed a partnership with a company specializing in credit card and debit card payments. As a result of this partnership, we are able to provide our customers with VISA and MASTERCARD card receipts at the following prices:

- Consumer EEA Debit Cards: 1.35% + 0.25 € per transaction

- Consumer EEA Credit Cards: 1.35% + 0.25 € per transaction

- Remaining cards: IF + 1.35% + 0.25 € per transaction.

IF stands for Interchange Fee. Interchange Fee is a commission charged by VISA and MASTERCARD. It is a value that is often constant, but these companies can change at any time. It is not a value defined by LUSOPAY. Thus, we send a link to the page defining the VISA and MASTERCARD IF.

Link for Interchange Fee VISA:

Link for Interchange Fee MASTERCARD:


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