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Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is open source software with possibility of e-commerce integration. Lusopay has integrated with this software payments by Multibanco and Payshop references.

Drupal Commerce features

  • Adaptable
  • Built for growth
  • Built on Drupal 7
  • Continually innovating
  • Freedom of design
  • Truly flexible
  • Complete
  • Global
  • Integrated
  • Open source
  • With support

Commerce Drupal is the trading platform built on top of a CMS. Connect content and products to drive online and offline sales through a user experience, optimized merchandising tools, and proven SEO tools.


Drupal Commerce is highly modular and configurable to fit the way you do business. It is ideal for all types of physical and non-physical items.

Easy to use

Commerce Drupal envisions the development of a customizable administration and workflow system that makes it easier for non-technical people to make changes and test new ideas.


Drupal Commerce is highly extensible and can adapt to meet the changing needs of websites of any size through integrations with third party systems, functionality enhancements and international features.

LUSOPAY Integration Module for Drupal Commerce

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