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Magento is open source e-commerce software. Used by over 250,000 online stores. It has a modular and flexible architecture. Lusopay has integrated with this platform the system of Multibanco and Payshop references.

Magento features:

  • It offers different payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, check, money order, Google checkouts, etc.
  • Allows transportation of products to multiple addresses.
  • Helps manage orders easily using the admin panel.
  • Provides order of product status and product history.
  • Supports email and RSS feeds.
  • Supports multiple languages, different currencies and tax rates.
  • Filters products and displays in grid or list format.
  • Makes it easy to view products, has features like zoom-in image and stock availability check.

It is compatible with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.


It offers several payment options, so each user can make payment based on their preferred payment gateway.


There are many extensions that support the development of an online store.

Do you have doubts?

See a Magento store with references

LUSOPAY Integration Module for Magento

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