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ModenaCam is website creation software that broadcasts video chats or paid video sessions per minute. This software already accepts payments by Multibanco and Payshop references.

This software offers all the features that any website of this kind should have. The team that develops this software is receptive to any developments needed to improve or customize the software to customer requirements. Database access is also provided so that any developer can customize the site as desired.

Site ModenaCam

Funcionalidades do software

ModenaCam is the first program to create turnkey website solutions that enable adult and non-adult videochat, as well as free minute-to-minute portals.

Some ModenaCam Features:

• fully customizable in brand terms
• supports multi-language sites
• access to PHP, MySQL database, FLA and PSD files
• multi-session or individual chat
• has objective system
• paid photo and video gallery
• multi currency system
• chat with real time translation
• real-time private chat statistics
• High definition audio and video streaming (optional)
• addon for mobile platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone (optional)

Solution Benefits

Learn about the benefits of integrating MODENACAM with multibanco and payshop references.

Produced by ModenaCam

When the payment gateway is produced by the manufacturer, it is guaranteed 100% compatibility with current and future versions.

Real time notifications

When a customer pays by multibanco reference, payshop or QR code LUSOPAY Wallet, your ModenaCam website is notified in real time.

Comfort for payers

Payment by multibanco and payshop reference are very practical to use, so it pleases your customers.

Manage payments from the administration area of your site.

Module LUSOPAY for ModenaCam

Receive by multibanco and payshop references