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PayShopPayshop references are ideal for anyone looking to receive payments from people who like to pay in cash. Payments are made through a network of agents with more than 4,500 stores in Portugal. Payshop agents are cafes, stationary stores, kiosks and other establishments of a lot of movement.

There are two types of Payshop references: Payshop and PayshopNet.

The Payshop references have a minimum payment limit of € 1.20 and a maximum of € 7,499.00. The PayshopNet references have the minimum limit of € 1.20 and maximum of € 4.000.00.

Payshop references consist of a number and a bar code. The PayshopNet references only by a number, without any barcode.

LUSOPAY allows any micro, small or medium-sized business, individuals, associations or condominiums to benefit from payments by Payshop references to receive the amounts owed for their services, products, quotas, etc.

We have created software that allows you to use Payshop references without the need for software development costs on your part and without the need to purchase a Payshop entity for your business.

We also support software production and marketing companies to develop the integration of the software applications that they commercialize with the payshop payment system.

Thus, it is very simple for your company to receive by Payshop. The sign up and the availability of our service is extremely fast, and your company can in a few minutes be issuing invoices or other collection documents with the Payshop references.

pagamentos lusopay


1. Make an agreement with LUSOPAY by clicking on the SIGN UP button and completing the form.

2. After the first step, you can send us a message, through your homebanking in LUSOPAY, informing you of your desire to use payshop references.

3. You receive a code, so that your software (billing or online store) can generate the references.

4. Send invoices, billing letters or other documents for your customers to pay. Whenever a customer of yours pays you by reference, you will be notified by email of this payment in real time. Any software with integration of our service also receives these notifications automatically by Internet (API), allowing to issue the respective receipts.

If you have any questions, contact us through the form at the bottom of this page.


Not being essential the integration of LUSOPAY system with the software that you use in your business to be able to receive payments, that is very useful. The good news is that there are already several software solutions integrated with our payment systems and many others are underway. This integration, when existing, makes the use of LUSOPAY even faster and more interesting.

In the software list below, there are solutions that have integrated the payshop or payshopnet references.

If your software is proprietary or not in the list below, we can provide an integration manual (API) or you can use our homebanking to generate Payshop references.

ERP and invoicing software:

ERP da Primavera
PHC Enterprise
Alidata Software ERP
Sendys ERP
GESCORP (firemen corporation management)

Real estate software:

Gecond (condominium management software)
Gesar (rental management software)

Websites software with online store integrated:

iol negócios

E-commerce software with modules already made:

LUSOPAY offers free modules for integration of LUSOPAY payment services and for payments by Payshop reference for online stores.

Click on the respective links to download the module of the payshop references. You will be redirected to the page on the official website of the selected e-commerce platform where you can download our module. If the link is not active, please contact us so we can send you the module by email.

WooCommerce em WordPress
Drupal Commerce

After downloading the module you are interested in, contact LUSOPAY and you will be given an activation key.



Consult us for costs with the payshop references. You will easily understand why there are more and more people and companies using LUSOPAY

Consult us by phone: +351 22 731 10 51 or through the form below


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