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The PEP and Sanctions services allows you to comply with AML law, which requires companies in various sectors, including real estate, insurance, lawyers, online gambling, etc., to develop customer analysis to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering, in particular, to investigate whether its client qualifies as a PEP.

In addition, according to international law, they still have to check whether their client is on the EU and UN sanctions lists.

LUSOPAY makes available to obliged companies, services that contains the same analysis tool that LUSOPAY uses in the analysis of its clients, ensuring that they can, at affordable prices, fulfill this new legal obligation and avoiding the sanctions provided in the law.

In addition to fines, there are additional sanctions like:

a) Loss, in favor of the State, of the object of the infringement and of the economic benefit obtained by the agent through its practice;

b) Closure, for a period of up to two years, of establishment in which the agent carries out the profession or activity to which the offense relates;

c) Prohibition, for a period of up to three years, of the exercise of the profession or activity to which the offense relates;

d) Inhibition, for a period of up to three years, of the exercise of functions of administration, management, leadership, ownership of corporate bodies, representation, mandate and supervision in entities subject to the supervision or supervision of the competent sectoral authority and the entities that are responsible for them. are in a domain or group relationship;

e) Publication of the final or final decision.


PEP and Sanctions searches

Unlimited search that lets you print or export a PDF as proof of your search

Generate multibanco and payshop references

The PEP and Sanctions services allows you to generate multibanco and payshop references to receive payments from your customers.

Bank transfers

Order bank transfers to SEPA + (European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein).

PEP lists

Search our databases containing hundreds of thousands of politicians from around the world

CIA lists

Access the CIA-produced database of politicians from around the world


Access LUSOPAY's own PEP list

Lists used by the financial industry

Use the same lists that are used by the finance industry.

UN sanctions list

Access UN database prohibiting transactions

European Union List

Access the EU database that prohibits transactions


It's not just politicians! The law includes other positions in the PEP concept. Here's a listing of them all. In addition to the holders of these positions, we must consider their family members, partners and business partners. Herein lies one of the advantages of using the services of a financial institution like LUSOPAY, as it can benefit from all the research we do and the information we collect.

  • President of the Republic or Monarch
  • Prime Minister
  • Minister
  • State Secretary
  • Under Secretary of State
  • MEP
  • Member of the Assembly of the Republic
  • Constitutional Court Judge
  • Supreme Court Judge
  • Supreme Administrative Court Judge
  • Judge of the Court of Auditors
  • Representatives of the Republic
  • Member of Autonomous Region Governing Bodies
  • Ombudsman
  • State Counselor
  • Members of the National Data Protection Commission
  • Member of the Superior Council of the Judiciary
  • Member of the High Council of Administrative and Fiscal Courts
  • Member of the Attorney General's Office
  • Member of the Superior Council of the Public Prosecution Service
  • Member of the Superior Council of National Defense
  • Member of the Economic and Social Council
  • Member of the Media Regulatory Authority
  • Head of diplomatic mission or consular post
  • General Officer of the Armed Forces in Service Effectiveness
  • Mayor or city council executive
  • Member of central bank management and supervisory board
  • Member of a public institute administration and supervisory body
  • Member of the public foundation's management and supervisory body
  • Member of the administrative and supervisory body of public establishments and independent administrative entities.
  • Members of the management and supervisory bodies of entities belonging to the public business sector including the regional and local business sectors.
  • Members of the executive governing bodies of national or regional political parties
  • Directors, deputy directors and members of the board of directors or persons performing equivalent duties in an international organization.
PEP and Sanctions services
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Search PEP, Family, and Business Partners

Search for UN and European Union Sanctions

Generate multibanco references to charge money to your customers

Generate payshop references to charge money to your customers

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