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LUSOPAY homebanking allows you to make 80 types of notifications of acts associated with your account. It is up to you to choose which notifications you wish to receive by email and/or SMS. Email notifications are free, but SMS notifications are paid.

According to the type of account contracted, LUSOPAY offers a certain number of free SMS per month. If you need more, you will need to purchase SMS packages.

SMS packages work as follows:
- you can request a SMS package via an internal message in the LUSOPAY homebanking,
- the cost with the SMS package is deducted from your LUSOPAY account on the 1st of each month;
- Unconsumed SMS does not accumulate for the following month.


In menu "Personal", you can select the notifications you wish to receive by e-mail and/or by SMS. Notifications are organized by themes/groups.

Password status changed

Account limit changed
Payment made by SMS
Payment made
Payment received
Payment pending authorization
Payment canceled canceled
Authorized payment denied
Authorized payment made successfully
The lack of permanent transfer failed
Permanent transfer processed
Permanent transfer receipt received
Permanent transfer ticket failed
Permanent transfer entry canceled
Scheduled payment failed
Scheduled payment quota has been processed
Scheduled payment received
Scheduled payment received failed
Scheduled payment received canceled
Request for payment received
Expiration date of the changed payment request
Payment request processed
Expired payment request
Payment request denied
Payment request canceled
Scheduled payment request failed
External payment could not be delivered
External payment could not be received
Expired external payment
Purchased vouchers expire in a few days
I bought voucher expired
Expiration date of purchased voucher changed

New question about the ad
Ad-Answered Question
New ad matches your interest
Expired ad
Ad rejected
Low Item Amount
Request canceled
New order in the online store
Created request
Request Delivery Information
Order waiting for delivery information
Order waiting for payment authorization
Ordered by seller
Ordered by the buyer
Sale made
Ordered by seller
Sale canceled
Request rejected
Order payment denied
Order payment canceled
Item not in stock

Qualifications and references
Reference received
Modified Reference
Required Qualification
Optional qualification
Qualification received
Modified grades
Rating feedback received
Rating Reminder

Maximum SMS per month reached


monthly value
€ 0,40
plus VAT
10 SMS
monthly value
€ 0,80
plus VAT
100 SMS
monthly value
€ 8,00
plus VAT
200 SMS
monthly value
€ 16,00
plus VAT


Each SMS costs € 0.08 + VAT and its cost is the same regardless of whether it is a national or international SMS.